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Seeing as the leading search engines see content as an extremely important ranking factor, it is important for companies to have the best quality content if they wish to rank. Quality content not only helps with exposure to new potential customers through search engines, but can also help establish you as an authority in your niche. Read our elaborate iWriter review that we’ve written on behalf of ContentHeat.

iWriter was founded by an affiliate marketer, Brad Cullen, with the aim to target these very needs and function as a content marketplace, bringing writers and clients together. In this article, we will analyze iWriter’s services and mention websites that are similar to iWriter in terms prices and features.

Services offered by iWriter

There are 6 types of content writing solutions offered by iWriter:

  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Article Rewrites
  • Ebooks
  • Press Releases
  • Kindle Books

An author’s rating is determined by their experience and the amount of articles they have written on the platform. The levels are as follows:

  • Standard – New writer with no ratings
  • Premium – At least 30 articles completed with a 4.1+ rating
  • Elite – At least 30 articles with a 4.5+ rating
  • Elite Plus – At least 30 articles with a 4.85+ rating

The ordering interface is simple and straightforward. You, the client, can easily specify the type of content you need, the style it needs to be in, as well as its purpose along with any additional instructions. Upon receiving the content you ordered, if you find it is not to your satisfaction, you have the option of requesting a free revision. If what you get afterwards is still not good enough, you can always use the reject option.

iWriter also delivers a spin tag ready text, enabling you to easily rewrite the content you received via any spinning software.

Additionally, it offers an option to ‘save’ any writer you have worked with in order to make it easier for you to contact them in the future and save time looking for new writers.



iWriter’s pricing model offers packages tailored to the customer’s needs. Each type of request – be it blog posts, eBooks or article rewrites – has a different pricing scheme.  A further factor for deciding the pricing is the aforementioned writer ranks. When it comes to word count, pricing is based on multiples of 100 and 150 words, offering significant discounts for larger package deals  of 1000+ words.  

For Articles, Blog Posts & Press Releases:

Writer’s Level: 150 Words 300 Words 400 Words 500 Words 700 Words 1000 Words 2000 Words 3000 Words 4000 Words
Standard: new writer $1.40 $2.20 $2.75 $3.30 $5.50 $8.25 $15.50 $23.25 $31.00
Premium: 4.1 – 4.5 stars $3.00 $5.00 $5.50 $6.00 $7.80 $11.50 $33.00 $49.50 $66.00
Elite: 4.6 – 5 stars $4.70 $7.70 $9.30 $11.00 $13.75 $20.25 $44.00 $66.00 $88.00
Elite Plus: 4.85 – 5 stars $13.00 $24.00 $29.00 $39.00 $48.00 $72.00 $145.00 $217.50 $290.00


For Article Rewrites, the pricing is the same except that it is not open to standard writers.


Popularity of iWriter

Due to its the low pay grade, especially at the basic level, many claim that there is a very real possibility of receiving content that is spun or paraphrased, or even flat out plagiarized. iWriter does not conduct any sort of qualification test for its writers and allows everybody to write at the “standard” level. This results in countless under-qualified writers snatching up jobs, and providing clients with sub-par work.

The Elite and Elite Plus writers are usually better than the ones ranking as Basic and Premium. However, punctuality is still not their strong suit. Long delivery times are not uncommon, and revision requests can make them take even longer.

Complaints about the site going down frequently due to changing servers and frequent maintenance are another prevalent issue. When this happens, you can be left in the dark with no means of  communication with your writers. Needless to say, this can be not only frustrating, but a big problem when you have a deadline to meet.

Clients who use iWriter regularly recommend using the “Premium”, “Elite” or the “Elite Plus” writers in order to find capable individuals whom they can add to their favorites list. This way, once you find find a good writer, you can contact them whenever you need and potentially save lots of time.


Websites like iWriter


1. HireWriters

Hirewriters logo

This site is similar to iWriter when it comes to the tier structure assigned to the writers – Beginner, General, Skilled and Expert which ultimately decides the pricing and the quality of the article. Pricing is similar but a bit lower than iWriter. Due to its low pay structure and no pre-screening for its beginner writers, HireWriters shares most of iWriter’s aforementioned flaws.

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2. The Content Authority

TheContentAuthority logo

Another content writing solution is The Content Authority. Its prices start from 1.2 cents at its basic level and range up to 6.5 cents at the expert level. Apart from standard orders, they also offer the ability to choose specific freelancers for direct orders, article rewrites and eBooks.

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3. ContentMart

ContentMart logo

ContentMart also has its writers categorized according to their experience – Standard tier, Experienced, Verified and HandPicked. The pricing ranges from 0.6 cents per word to 7 cents per word in the lowest and highest tiers respectively. ContentMart accepts non-native writers as well.

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