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Best Writing and Editing Services

Most of us would love to believe that we are the best writers in the world. What’s more, some people actually fall into that trap, and the belief takes them over so much that they often disregard certain writing mistakes.

No one is able to produce a perfect piece of writing during their first attempt. It’s just impossible, and the sooner you realize it, the better your writing will become. However, a good writing style can be achieved with editing.

But, what happens if you are not a writer at all? Maybe someone wants you to write an article about a certain service. And you don’t even know where to start. You’ve found yourself in a pickle, and there’s no way out. So, what can you do?

The answer is obvious. What you need are writing and editing services.

Outsourcing writing and editing services

Hey, no one will blame you if you cannot produce a decent piece of writing. Some people are just not cut out for it, and there’s no shame in that. But, believing that you can do it without actually producing something worth reading – that might cause problems.

Writing and editing services are there to take the task off your hands and solve it themselves. They will only need a few pointers before they start writing. You can send them the topic, what you would like them to write about, and any other requests you may have.

But, you’ve probably noticed the “editing” part of the term. These sort of services will not only write for you – they will also edit instead of you.

The painstaking process of editing

Some writing and editing services don’t require you to order a piece of writing from them. You can just pay them to edit your writing professionally and proofread it along the way.

But, you might be wondering why you should that. Well, because editing is tricky. It’s time-consuming, and if you are doing it yourself on your own piece of writing, it is never mistake-free.

When you try to edit your own writing, you are actually reading something you know everything about. Thus, it’s not unusual to ignore some grammar mistakes. What’s more, you might even overlook errors that are crucial to the topic.

The editing process requires you to:

  • Add punctuation marks and any parts of speech you might have omitted
  • Find redundant information and eliminate it
  • Format the text so that it’s easy to read
  • Enhance the word flow and improve the sentence structure
  • Check the language and enhance the vocabulary
  • Find plot holes.

Those six points might seem easy now, but imagine if you were editing your text late at night. You’re tired, and you cannot wait to finish it, so you try to do it fast and get it over with.

That’s exactly when you will make a mistake. Our brains are prone to ignoring things we already know. Thus, even if the word order in a sentence is wrong, you will “read it” in your mind correctly. But, you won’t change it unless you’re really focused on the editing process.

Plot holes and editors

Even though plot holes mainly concern creative writing, the best writing and editing services will check anything you want.

There’s a reason why every professional writer needs an editor. Writers are artists in a way, and as such, they cannot stay objective in front of their books or articles.

Therefore, they need an editor or a team of editors that will comb through the plot (or the story behind it) and try to find faults in it.

That doesn’t mean that they want you to think that you are a bad writer. On the contrary, the editing process actually helps you shape your words and your thoughts into something that everyone can understand.

Does that mean that everyone needs help with their writing?

Yes, that’s exactly what it means. Even J.K. Rowling had a team of editors behind her while writing the Harry Potter series.

And, even if you are just a blogger, editing is essential. You want to give your readers the best reading material – and that text needs to be adequately punctuated, formatted and polished.

What will writing and editing services do for me?

Writing isn’t easy. You can ask any writer if they enjoy their work every day and most of them will say that it depends. Sometimes the topic is too dull or uninspiring, so they have trouble getting the words onto the page.

Meanwhile, even if they do write something interesting, the editing process can take ages. Because of that, outsourcing writing and editing services is the best choice.

These companies will take your writing and analyze it to perfection. They will find everything you’ve missed and correct it. Moreover, they will proofread and help you find your writing style at the same time.

However, before you choose a service, it’s vital to know which types of editing exist. Most editing services offer the “whole” package, but some of them will ask you to pay extra for more detailed editing. Therefore, the prices are variable and prone to change, depending on the amount of text you provide and the topic.

You can ask for:


This type of editing is the simplest and the cheapest one. The editor will go through your writing and weed out typos, spelling and grammar mistakes. This sort of service is usually free when you order both writing and editing services from a company.

Copy editing

The editor checks your text for any redundancy, inconsistency and false statements. They will also improve the readability and the accuracy of the text.

Developmental editing

This type of editing involves deep fact checking, partial rewriting, and content critique. The editor will help you improve your sentence structure, enhance the consistency and accuracy, and check whether the content is written around a specific topic keyword. The turnaround time is negotiable, and so is the price, given the fact that there might be more work involved than you might think.


Line-editing focuses on the language aspect of the text. The editor will find unclear phrases and redundancy, as well as bland language and confusing narrative digressions. It is usually followed by proofreading.

Finding the best writing and editing services

The content market is full of writing agencies, and they are all waiting for you. But, determining the best one out of a thousand agencies is not an easy task.

If you are a new writer who has never used writing and editing services, then you’re probably a bit scared to try one of them. After all, you don’t want your piece of writing to be completely altered. It consists of your thoughts and opinions – and it has to remain that way.

Luckily, writing and editing services won’t change the main aspects of your writing. They will only enhance what’s already there and improve what can be improved. Think of them as the makeup artists of writing – they don’t want to change your “look,” just make it better and polished.

Likewise, when it comes to regular writing services, everything is up to you. You are the one who will give the pointers and determine the tone and the style. You can say what kind of structure you want, how you want the text formatted, and basically anything else you deem essential.

Requests are more than welcome, especially if you need a detailed piece of writing. That way, you’ll be helping the writer, but you will also help yourself get the best quality possible.

To help you on your way to the bestseller list (or any other sort of recognition), we’ve compiled a list of the best writing and editing services. Keep reading until the end to find out which one snagged the no.1 spot.

Top 10 Best Writing and Editing Services

10. Editor Group

editorgroup logo

Editor Group was founded in 1998, and since then, they have established themselves as a company that will certainly deliver the results they’ve promised.

The founder, Grant Butler, is a journalist and an author in his own right, so it’s no wonder he has surrounded himself with capable individuals who can solve any writing or editing issues you may have.

Their client list is the most impressive one we have ever seen, which makes us even more confident in the fact that they can edit writing to perfections. Furthermore, their portfolio shows that they know their way around with words, so it’s safe to say that you are getting the whole package by hiring them.

Editor Group can create unique ads, articles and blog posts. In addition, they can also write white papers instead of you, as well as newsletters, media releases, and proposals. The full list of their writing services is available on their website.

Price range: Variable
The only thing that bothered us about Editor Group is the fact that you have to contact them to get a quote. The prices depend on the topic and the amount of work that needs to be done. Nevertheless, if you need creative, shareable and interactive content, they might be the right choice.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Apart from writing and editing services, Editor Group can also proofread your work and help you establish your writing style.

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9. Pay the Geek

Pay the Geek logo

Pay the Geek is the quintessential millennial writing and editing service provider. Their website is beautifully designed, and the pricing is somewhat transparent.

They mostly focus on assignment writing, but you can also hire them for article, resume and ghostwriting services. And, when it comes to editing, you have two options. You can hire them to edit your writing in detail, or you can just pay for a high-quality proofread.

Price range: from $9.96 per page (proofreading)
The proofreading services will cost you almost $10 per page, but if you want editing and proofreading, you will have to pay at least $11.70 per page. Their writing service starts at $17.55 per page, which is a high number. However, you will also get deep research and editing services for that price.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Pay the Geek hires only native UK and US writers, so you will never have to doubt their grammar. Furthermore, they have 24/7 customer support, and you get ten days to decide whether you need a revision of the writing.

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8. Dream Write Creative

DreamWriteCreative logo

The Dream Write Creative team consists of Hilary and Dan Kirchner. Both of them are freelance writers and editors. Having opened an LLC for writing and editing services, they are a good choice if you want to establish a close relationship with your writer or editor.

What’s great about this company is the fact that you can choose from a variety of editing options. They offer stylistic and copy edits, but you can also hire them for fact checking, proofreading, and content editing.

Their writing services are also abundant. Apart from regular copywriting, you can also request medical, IT and scientific content. Furthermore, they also dabble in creative and educational writing as well.

Price range: Variable
Unfortunately, Dream Write Creative doesn’t offer an exact pricing list. They maintain that you will get high-quality content, but to give you a quote, you will have to provide them with more information about your needs, budget, and schedule.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
If you’re not sure which service to pick, they have a “Custom project” form on their website. Hence, you can get a customized solution any time you want.

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7. Always Write

AlwaysWrite logo

Always Write is a family-owned business that offers editing, writing and formatting services. Dawn and Daryl Herring are highly-skilled professionals who will edit your texts to perfection, and help you get the content you want – whenever you want it.

Even though their website could be better, their testimonials speak highly of them. The editing service is exceptionally accurate and consistent, while their writing skills are high-quality and on point. They offer four types of editing: proofreading, standard copyedit, heavy copyedit and substantive editing.

In terms of writing, they specialize in scripts and screenplay writing, but they are also capable of coming up with novels, poems, website and promotional content.

Price range: Variable
Always Write is another company that does not state the pricing on their website. Because of that, we couldn’t rank it higher on our list. Nevertheless, you can always contact them and explain what kind of service you need. Their standard hourly rate starts at $40.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Always Write can also help you create a compelling PowerPoint presentation, and they can design a basic website for your business as well. In addition to that, they offer resume and academic manuscript writing, as well as formatting services.

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6. DragonFly Freelance

DragonFly Freelance logo

Editing fiction and non-fiction is a difficult task, especially if you don’t have the necessary skills to do it. Luckily, DragonFly Freelance editors can do everything instead of you, no matter how complicated the topic is.

Apart from non-fiction and fiction books, they can edit your white paper, articles, short stories, and thesis. Furthermore, they can also comb through your business documents and find little mistakes you might have overlooked.

When it comes to quality, we have no doubts whatsoever. Their testimonials speak for themselves, and they often have returning customers who are more than willing to pay the high rates for high-quality writing and editing services.

Unfortunately, their writing services are limited. They offer business writing services, which means that you cannot hire them for product descriptions and reviews.

Price range: from $4.50 (editing) and $50 (writing) per page
DragonFly Freelance requires you to send them a sample of your writing before they give you a quote. Therefore, the prices are variable. For light editing, you will have to pay anywhere from $0.018 to $0.024 per word. Meanwhile, heavy editing will cost you more – up to $0.028 per word. Their writing services cost $0.20 per word, which falls on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. One page is 250 words.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
The quality of the editing is guaranteed, and they offer proofreading as well (the price starts at $3.50 per page). However, you will have to produce 3000 words or more if you want to use their editing services. DragonFly Freelance also offers SEO, PPC management, and link building services.

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5. Precise Proofing

Precise Proofing logo

Precise Proofing has a simple motto: “Every word counts.” Therefore, you don’t have to fear that they will completely alter your texts – unless you want them too.

The story of their founding is a classic one. After stumbling upon mistake after mistake in an article online, Nikki Corbett decided that enough was enough. She realized that something had to be done with the content that’s posted online. It needs to be adequately proofread so that others can actually benefit from it.

Thus, Precise Proofing was established in 2011, and today, they can offer their magical touch to everyone.

Price range: Variable
The price will depend on the content you submit, which is not an ideal situation. Likewise, when it comes to editing services, the process will be a bit different if you hand over a hard copy. They will send it with handwritten notes which you can then use to edit the copy yourself. Fortunately, you can get a quote for free if you follow the link on their website, but bear in mind that their minimum project fee is $35.

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4. First Writing Service

First Writing Service logo

As you have already seen, most of these writing and editing services require you to ask for a quote. In comparison, First Writing Service is entirely transparent, and they have a variety of options available.

This US-based company offers academic, business and web writing. Furthermore, you can also hire them for “individual” writing, which consists of articles, reports, reviews, and anything else that doesn’t fall into the previous three categories. They also have a separate editing and proofreading service that will help you polish your writing to perfection and remove any mistakes that might have been overlooked.

However, if you are looking for something particular, you can always contact them and get a quote for a custom project.

Price range: from $5.98 (editing) and $9.97 (writing) per page
The price for their writing services depends on the type of text and the level of expertise. You can pick between undergraduate, bachelor and professional level of writing. The same goes for editing and proofreading services.
What’s great about their pricing list is that you can decide how fast you need the writing or editing done. Anywhere from 3 hours to 14 days is possible. However, bear in mind that a fast service will cost you more. If you want something written or edited in 3 hours, it will cost you $41 and $25 per page respectively.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
First Writing Service can also create a PowerPoint presentation for you, but the price will depend on the time frame. And, if you are not sure about the prices, they even have a handy price calculator on their website.

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3. Papers Helm

PapersHelm logo

Papers Helm is well-known for their usually flawless, high-quality content. And, even though they mostly do academic writing, we had to include them in our list because of their exceptional editing and proofreading services.

You can also hire them for creative, cover letter, proposal and article writing. You can choose the academic level (high school, college, graduate, masters, and Ph.D.) and the turnaround time. The same applies to their editing and proofreading services.

Papers Helm has proven time and time again that they are highly-skilled professionals. Their writers are entirely dedicated to their job, and the editors and proofreaders do fantastic work as well – no matter which turnaround time you pick.

Price range: from $11 (writing) and $9 (editing) per page
Even though they state that they are quite affordable, we beg to differ. At $11 per page for an article at a high school level, Papers Helm is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Their editing service is $9 per page for an article, and prices get even higher as the turnaround time gets lower. One page equals to 275 words.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Papers Helm guarantees that the content will be 100% authentic and high-quality. Furthermore, they will deliver it on time, and if you ever need to change something, you have unlimited revisions. What’s more, if you’re not satisfied, even after the revisions, they will give you your money back.

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2. Express Writers

Express writers logo

When it comes to writing and editing services, Express Writers has a variety of options. You can hire them to write just about anything you’d like: from blog posts and articles to white papers and ebooks.

Furthermore, their pricing is entirely transparent, so you needn’t worry about hidden costs. The quality of their writing is undeniable, and just one look at their samples tells you a lot about their editing process as well.

They can provide you with general, expert and authority content on just about any topic you can think of. And, if you ever find yourself doubting their expertise, just remember that only 2% of their writers get hired. Because of that, they have established themselves as one of the leaders in this market.

Price range: from $0.10 per word (writing) and variable (editing)
General articles and blogs will cost you $10 per 100 words, but the money will be well spent, according to their customer reviews. Meanwhile, you have to contact them for an estimate of their editing services.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Apart from general content writing, Express Writers can help you with ad copywriting and social media writing as well. Most of their services are affordable, especially if you take into account the high-quality they guarantee. But, if you want unlimited revisions, they are not the company for you. They offer only two revisions free of charge, and you have to ask for them within a limited time frame (14 days).

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1. GoSuperb

GoSuperb logo

Review by contentheat
Depth of research
Sentence structure
Following instructions
Speed and quality of service
Value for your money

We have written a detailed review about GoSuperb, which you can read here.

And, the number 1 spot on our list of the best writing and editing services has to go to GoSuperb. This small Netherlands-based company quietly emerged in 2015, and since then, they have been conquering the writing market one article at a time.

Their employees are all in-house writers from all sorts of different backgrounds. Thus, they can fulfill any type of request you have, and they can write about anything you want.

Furthermore, their editing services are as detailed as their writing ones. Not only will the editor carefully analyze your content, but they will also do it objectively and without changing the essence of your writing.

In terms of writing, you can order basically any type of content you want. From adult and assignment to creative and technical writing – GoSuperb writers can do it all.

Price range: from $3.25 per 100 words (writing)
If you are looking for high-quality content, then you will have to pay $3.25 per 100 words. Meanwhile, deep research and a higher level of writing will cost you $4.85 per 100 words. However, when it comes to editing services, the prices are variable, and they will depend on the type of content you provide. But, given the fact that GoSuperb is one of the most affordable services out there, there’s a slim chance that you will overpay.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Since SEO content is one of their main concerns, GoSuperb has as of recently stepped into the keyword research market. That way, they have added yet another useful service to their arsenal.
One of their best incentives is their unlimited revisions policy. They will not give up until you are 100% satisfied. In addition to that, you are entitled to a refund if you find a grammar mistake. Nevertheless, finding one will be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

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High-quality writing and editing services are difficult to find. Most companies only offer one of these services. Fortunately, there are those that know the importance of perfectly edited and proofread text. And, if you’re ever in need of written content, you can get both services from the same provider and save precious time and money on outsourcing.