Best Social Media Outsourcing Providers

Best Social Media Outsourcing Providers

Social media is all the rage now, and you don’t want to miss an opportunity to get your name out there. However, writing for social media is not easy. Many things are at stake when it comes to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So, how can you prevail? Easy. By hiring a social media content writer.

Let’s talk about social media content writing services

Social media outsourcing is a fantastic way of getting recognition across social media platforms – without actually doing anything yourself.

Now, you may be wondering where’s the value in that. Well, you have to look at it from another angle. You may have a business that’s doing rather well online. But, the first thing anyone will check while looking for your business is social media.

Social media platforms, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, are a must in the business industry. You are no one if you don’t have at least one social media account. It’s the same as with individuals. How can anyone know what you’re like or what you’re doing if they cannot follow you on social media?

Social media is not stalking

Many people think that social media is a form of stalking. And, it’s sometimes inevitable to see it that way. But, even though social media has given us a weird stalking sensation, it’s a lot different when businesses are involved.

Your business can only thrive if its name appears all over social media platforms. An excellent post on Facebook or a catchy caption underneath an Instagram photo can substantially boost your conversion rate.

People love when you’re doing the same thing as they are. And, since social media has expanded so much, avoiding it is not a smart business move.

Writing for social media – is it really that hard?

Content writers know how to perfect reviews and write incredible product descriptions. That’s easy for them because they have the necessary expertise to do it. But, when it comes to writing for social media, things are a bit different.

Maybe you have a successful business that mainly focuses on local customers. But, if you want to branch out and become a recognizable brand, social media is crucial.

The best social media content writer will:

  • Accurately describe your business on all relevant social media platforms
  • Write engaging posts that attract potential customers
  • Nurture the customer-business relationship with “call to action” posts and interesting blog writing
  • Make sure everything they write is relevant, concise and grammatically correct.

Until recently, Twitter only allowed 140 characters per post. And, you know what they say – if you cannot say anything interesting in those 140 characters, then you needn’t bother writing at all.

Now, this statement is a form of radical thinking, but there is some truth to it. Even though Twitter now allows more characters per post, most users are used to short, concise blurbs. And, let me tell you – short posts are the hardest ones to think of.

Let’s take essays, for example. Writing multiple pages is not a problem when you have a good topic. Even if the topic is boring, you have so much space left that you’ll surely think of something interesting to say.

But, writing for social media is complicated. You cannot elaborate in a Facebook post, and you definitely don’t want to write multiple, boring paragraphs on your LinkedIn profile. We live fast-paced lives, so it’s important for the posts to be on point and short.

What will social media content writing services do for you?

Now that you know what writing for social media entails, it’s crucial to weigh out the pros and cons. Are you a social media content writer yourself? Do you know how social media works? Are you prepared to write post after post, hoping that someone will click on your website? Probably not.

It takes a unique set of skills to be a social media content writer. And, with everything that’s going on in your day-to-day life, who has the time to write social media content for business?

Therefore, finding the best social media outsourcing providers is the right solution. Social media writing services will take your accounts into their hands and make magic.

Not literally, though. But, a social media content creator will boost the quality of your pages and provide relevant, well-research posts about all sorts of things.

Give me an example

Maybe you have a brand new business that produces facial creams. Cosmetics are always popular, so you’re expecting decent revenue. Now, you have all your accounts set up, but no posts yet. So, how will anyone know if your products are good?

They will know if you engage with your potential customers. That means writing regular social media posts about your products and other related topics. One topic could be about the importance of proper skin care. Another can provide additional information about the best cream you produce.

But, it’s hard to stay on top of things while you’re running a business. That’s when a social media content writer comes in. They will know how to research your brand and drag the spotlight onto it. All you have to do is give enough information, sit back, and enjoy the show.

Social media content for business is no laughing matter. It can make or break your company, so it’s essential to do it right.

Luckily, we are here to help you find the best social media outsourcing providers. But, there are many factors to consider.

You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on social media outsourcing that doesn’t bring results. Likewise, you don’t want to be stingy about it. The perfect balance exists, and it’s no.1 on our list of the best social media outsourcing providers. So, keep reading to find out how they can help you beat your competitors in the social media game.

Top 10 Social Media Content Writing Services

10. UpWork

upwork logo

Social media outsourcing doesn’t have to go through a real writing agency. You can use platforms like UpWork as the best social media outsourcing providers – and you don’t even have to pay a lot for it.

However, there is a thing called “quality” that you have to take into account. UpWork is a huge writing marketplace, so there are some advantages to it. But, if you only take the cost of the writing into account, you will probably wonder later on why your social media reach is still low.

Nevertheless, if you take some time to figure the platform out and use the useful parameters it gives you, UpWork will be useful.

Price range: from $0.001 per word
The price is tempting, and it could lower your expenses significantly. Furthermore, there are some good writers on UpWork who can change your social media accounts for the better. Still, it is a bit risky to place your social media platforms in the hands of an inexperienced writer. So, if you choose UpWork, make sure to ask the social media content writer for some samples.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
If you ever need additional content writing services, UpWork is a good choice. All writers are freelancers, so you can cut a deal for just about any type of content.

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9. Express Writers

Express writers logo

The best social media outsourcing providers have blog writing services as well. After all, it isn’t just about writing posts. The blogger has to engage in a conversation with the readers.

Express Writers is a reputable writing agency, and they also provide social media writing services. Their engaging writing style is their best asset, and the price is affordable too.

Furthermore, only 2% of the writers get to work with them, so you don’t have to doubt their reliability. Quality is crucial to them, and if it’s also essential for your business, then Express Writers is a good choice.

Price range: $0.09 – $0.10 per word
The above-stated price is for blogs and general articles about all sorts of things. You can use these articles for your social media platforms as well – but bear in mind that they have to be short and concise. They also provide Custom Social Media Posts packages that include variations with or without designed images. Price per social media post is $13, while a social media post with an image designed by an in-house designer costs $25.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Express Writers is a real writing agency, so you can usually hire them for pretty much anything. If you need web content or product descriptions, they are a good choice. Moreover, they even offer ad copywriting for social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. A single ad will cost you $40, but you can also pay $65 to have an image designed just for your ad.

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8. Scripted

scripted logo

Scripted is one of those social media content writing services that will write engaging Facebook posts on your business page. In addition to that, they will also conquer the Twitterverse with their catchy, somewhat quirky posts.

The quality of the writing is guaranteed, and the prices are not too bad. Furthermore, Scripted has more than a thousand writers, so you will easily find a social media content writer for your needs. These traits are the reason why we think that Scripted is one of the best social media outsourcing providers in the world.

Price range: from $2 per post
Their Facebooks posts (1 or 2 sentences) will cost you about $2, but the price varies. Meanwhile, their Twitter posts are $2 for up to 280 characters per post.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Scripted seems to focus on social media, which is not a bad idea if you ever want to start a writing agency. They also write blog posts, web content and press releases, among other things. Furthermore, they have a good system. You can use SmartMatch to find the best writer for your needs, and you can even request a specific social media content writer (a fantastic choice if you have used their services before).

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7. Writing Wizards

Writing Wizards logo

If you prefer freelancers, then Writing Wizards is one of the best social media outsourcing providers you can find. There’s a good chance that they have a great social media content creator for your business – you just have to look around.

Their website works as a marketplace, so you can browse through the list of writers and pick the most suitable ones. You will find the prices next to their names. The website is user-friendly, and you will have no trouble at all picking a social media content writer. But, beware – when it comes to freelancers, there are no guarantees.

Price range: from $0.01 per word
The prices vary depending on the writer you pick. However, we’ve noticed that the prices aren’t too high. Some of their best writers charge $5 per 100 words, and since social media posts are usually short, that doesn’t seem like a problem to us.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
You can hire freelance writers for just about any content writing. As far as the guarantees go, Writing Wizards cannot guarantee that you will be satisfied. However, you can always ask a social media content writer to deliver you a sample of their writing.

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6. Compelling Content Solutions

Compelling Content Solutions

CCS is well-versed in all things social media. Not only can they write engaging posts about all sorts of things, but they can also help you become a social media influencer. If you don’t know who influencers are, then just Google it. They are taking the world by storm, and being an influencer is now a good way of building a brand out of scratch.

Their writing is high-quality, and the writers themselves are ready to go the extra mile to give you what you want. Thus, we had to include them in our best social media outsourcing providers list.

Price range: from $0.06 to $0.20 per word
CCS is not joking around when it comes to social media. Their prices are high, so a regular business owner might not be able to afford it. You can choose between three writing tiers: Junior, Standard, and Senior writers. The difference between the writers is in their degree and professional experience.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Compelling Content Solutions deals with marketing and copywriting. Therefore, you can hire them if you need ghostwriting, ebook writing, editing, and even video content services. They also offer SEO link-building packages.

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5. Inked Hub Writers

Inked Hub Writers logo

Inked Hub Writers has a fantastic website, and their social media writing services seem legitimate. They can provide you with the perfect content for your social platforms – and you don’t even have to break your budget for it.

They believe that social media is the joker – the playing card that will open many doors for you and your business. Therefore, high-quality content is a key feature of that strategy. Their social media writing services can help you reach your goals without too much hassle. And, given the fact that they really understand the importance of social media, it’s no wonder they have many customers every day.

Price range: from $0.02 per word
Their basic package will provide you with one standard social media content writer. However, if you want more, you can pay $0.20 per word and get a content strategist, a writer, and an editor as well. That package is reserved for serious corporations that need a bit of help with social media.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Apart from general copywriting, you can hire Inked Hub Writers for product description and review writing as well. Furthermore, they can also write blog posts, SEO content and press releases.

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4. Godot

godot logo

Godot is one of the best social media outsourcing providers, and apart from regular copywriting, they also dabble in social media management as well.

Not only can you hire a social media content writer to write posts, but they can also manage the accounts instead of you. They will use insightful posts to engage with your audience. Moreover, you will receive regular updates on the progress and the results.

Forum posting is another service they offer, and if your business can benefit from forums, Godot is a great writing service you should consider. Forums and blogs are part of the social media world, so make sure you don’t ignore them.

Price range: from $64 per month
For a reasonable price, you will get LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter management and posts. Their experts will go the extra mile to give you the results you want. Furthermore, they cover many niches, so there’s a good chance you will find the perfect social media content writer within their company.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Starting from $35 per page, Godot will write a whitepaper for you. They also provide blog, ebook and article writing services.

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3. Flat Rates Social Media

Flat Rates Social Media logo

This company is a lesser-known social media content creator, but they do deserve a spot on our best social media outsourcing providers list. Not only do they have multiple packages available, but they also seem to be really genuine about the purpose of their writing.

Their writing craft is of the utmost importance to them, so they maintain quality throughout the posts. Furthermore, they guarantee that they will not charge you any hidden fees, which is always a plus.

Price range: from $700 per month
The lowest price is for their Basic package, which includes one post a day for 30 days on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. But, if you are looking for exceptional results, they have two additional packages as well: Standard and Premium. These packages will cost you $1300 and $1900, and will last 60 and 90 days respectively.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Flat Rates Social Media focuses on social networks, but they also provide regular content writing services. Moreover, the more expensive packages include social media management as well, so they are worth the money. They guarantee timely posts and engaging content.

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2. Five Geckos

Five Geckos logo

Social media outsourcing is a big thing in the UK, so we had to include one of their best social media outsourcing providers to our list. Five Geckos might not have a great website, but their services will prove to be outstanding if you hire them.

They cover Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, which are the most important social media channels anyway. But, they won’t post on Instagram for you, so you should take that into consideration.

Price range: from $350.26 (£249) per month
The basic package includes only 1 platform, but you can also mix and match with the other two packages. A 2-platform package will cost you $462.79 (£329) per month. Meanwhile, if you want total exposure, you will have to pay $561.26 (£399) per month for all three platforms.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
Five Geckos has more than 16 years of experience, and they have collaborated with well-known brands before. They are also official partners with Google, and they’ve won awards for their marketing efforts. Five Geckos offers SEO and web design, as well as WordPress support and management services.

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1. GoSuperb

GoSuperb logo

Review by contentheat
Depth of research
Sentence structure
Following instructions
Speed and quality of service
Value for your money

We have written a detailed review about GoSuperb, which you can read here.

Finally, we have reached the coveted no.1 spot on our list of best social media outsourcing providers.

GoSuperb is relatively new to social media content writing services, but they are bound to make an impact in the world of social media. Not only can they provide you with exceptional posts, but they will also do it at an incredibly low price.

The company consists of in-house writers who have the skills to write engaging social media posts. All of them are young professionals with an incredible level of expertise in all things social media.

They will focus on your brand as a whole, and never lose track of time. The content will be delivered in the selected time frame. And, if you accept the first draft, the social media content writer will get a bonus. This incentive makes GoSuperb authentic and fair since the writers are more motivated to deliver fantastic results.

Price range: from $3.25 per 100 words
You will have to pay the above-stated price for High-Quality writing. As you can see, their services are extremely affordable. But, if you want deep research, then you can ask for Superb writing – it will cost you $4.85 per 100 words.

Additional services/ Guarantees:
GoSuperb has branched out into other writing services as well. And, the best part is that the prices don’t change. If you need assignment writing, reviews, product descriptions or anything else for that matter – GoSuperb has your back. Therefore, it’s no wonder it has landed on the no.1 spot of our best social media outsourcing providers list. The quality is undeniable, but if you are still not convinced, give them a go and let us know what you think.

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While reading this text, you were probably thinking of social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, if you are a serious entrepreneur, maintaining your not-so-popular-among-the-teens social media profile, Linkedin, is crucial for your business. That’s why we have a whole article written on the Best Linkedin Profile Writing Service. Step up your social media game today!