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Doesn’t matter which niche is yours, if you’re not working in a field that is broadly known to people, you will need not good, but great content in order to pull people in. That’s where the best niche writing services step in. If you read on, we’ll help you to find the best niche writing service, with the best writers, and the best prices.

A bit about niches

You see, starting a niche business, or a niche website might be tough on its own. You need months of research; you also need demographic data, you need to invest, you need to make a business and a marketing plan… Just the logistics of this can be hell.

But, once you start, once you jump off the deep end, there’s no going back, and you got to learn to swim with the sharks as quickly as possible, or you’ll end up torn into shreds.

Niches are now the most popular places for new businesses. And, everyone who ever thought that they could start a business is now trying to do so. Due to that niches and microniches are being filled at an incredible, unheard of rate. In fact, everyone and their pet are opening a microniche business.

So, how can you succeed in this dog-eat-dog world? Essentially, how can you make your niche website better?

It’s simple – with great content. With content that will engage, amuse, and captivate your potential clients to the point where they want to give you a shot. That’s how you’ll make your business take off. By delivering amazing, SEO optimized content that will make you rank great on search engines, and that will get people not just to visit, but also stay on your website.

You must have heard the expression “content is king,” and there’s a reason why content rules the business skies nowadays. Search engines give the advantage to good content. They follow what people are doing online, and based on that, they give the most exposure to those who offer the best content.

You don’t have to invest tons of cash to get that. Seriously, you do not. You just need to find that one writing service that can handle your niche like a champ, and deliver content that will blow your mind.


But, how can you find the best niche writing service?

The best niche writing service isn’t the first one that appears in your Google search, or the best one according to one marketing expert or another. The best one has to fulfill several conditions.  And these are the ones we believe you should focus on:

  1. The service you choose has to have satisfied customers who hired their niche writers for a specific niche or microniche content. You can’t just look at their wonderful homepage and go “OK, their website looks nice, and their claims seem legit.” You need to go deeper. Check what their clients are saying about them, how satisfied they are. If they are truly able to deliver what you need, they will have numerous customers from all possible niches. That’s a sign that they are good enough to work with.
  2. The service you choose has to have numerous writers from different walks of life. It’s impossible for one niche writer, or even five or ten of them, to be able to write about literally any topic that arrives. So, if the writing service is too small, or it seems like it’s just one niche writer – don’t use it. You need a service that has a lot of writers with different backgrounds, people who can relate to your niche and “feel” the content.
  3. You should get a service with its own in-house writers, not freelancers. A freelancer will accept any order that comes in, just to earn more. You need someone to whom the writing service will assign the task based on their previous experience. No one will write better content than someone who knows the niche and loves it. If you’re in the pet niche, for instance, you want a writer that loves pets, and knows about them. A knowledgeable niche writer will add depth to the content, and it will be the depth that someone who is just getting familiarized with the topic couldn’t possibly deliver.
  4. You should consider the additional features the writing service you’re looking into offers. Each service is boasting different features, but some are a lot more important than others.


You want a writing service that will do SEO optimization of the content you ordered. Search engine optimization is incredibly important, and you don’t want to have to pay extra for it.

You want a writing service that allows you to write a thorough description of your vision of the content. You can’t tell the service what you want in one short 300-word message, can you? That is why you want a service that has a submission form that is able to take long messages, links, and even attachments.

You also need a service that guarantees originality, which means that they have to offer 100% clear Copyscape results. You don’t want to pay for a copy of someone else’s content, as that can ruin your search engine ranking.

Other features like unlimited free revisions, guaranteed native English writers, and no grammar errors guarantee are always a plus.


  1. And, last but not least, you should pay attention to the price to quality ratio. Check the asking price for your content, and bear in mind everything that is included. Make sure that there are no additional or hidden costs. You don’t want to pay extra for something that is free on a different niche writing service. Make sure that you’re not overpaying low-quality content; check forums and customer reviews to be 100% certain.


That’s it; now you’re ready to get the best niche writing service – the service that will deliver amazing content that will help your business thrive.


Top 10 Best Niche Writing Services

We researched, we tested, we compared. We checked customer reviews, writing, and features, and, with that in mind, we chose ten writing services that offer niche content. These ten are the very best at the moment, and definitely worth trying.


10.  iWriter

Iwriter logo

iWriter is an excellent service for those who are willing to forego the advantage of in-house writers to save some money. This service will help you access thousands of freelancers from around the world. And they will do so inexpensively.

About iWriter

This article writing service began its journey in Carmel, Indiana. However, it is a service that focuses on using writers from around the world. Also, their number of freelancers guarantees a really fast turnaround.

Headquarters Location: Carmel, Indiana

Niche Writer Cost: $.009 per word

The standard plan they offer is very affordable, and the pricing depends on the article length. However, the cost remains under 1 cent per word with this plan. In fact, a 150-word article will cost you only $1.40.

Additional Services: Press releases, ebooks, blog posts.

Ordering Their Services

Their ordering page is easy to use and it also offers a very clean layout for the customers. You can just log in and create a project that freelancers on this website can then pick up. Of course, while they are a professional service, working with freelancers alone could cause issues. However, this might be the perfect service for those who can’t afford to spend a lot of money.

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9. Express Writers

Express writers logo

Express Writers offers some of the best experts in niche writing out there. They have experts for pretty much every niche you can think of. Whether you are trying to start a business in finances, law, insurance, health, or any other, they will have the right writer for you. And lastly, they always deliver their articles on time.

About Express Writers

Back in 2011 young, Julia McCoy, the CEO of Express Writers, came to the idea to combine SEO and content writing. Ever since then, they have been pumping out grade A articles for their customers. In fact, the business grew much faster than her team could handle. In only three years, their total revenue went past the 750,000 dollars mark.  Now, the company is going stronger than ever.

Headquarters Location: Austin, Texas

Niche Writer Cost: $.15 per word

Their expert articles go for 60 dollars per 400 words as a starting price, which would come out at 15 cents per word. However, if you want an expert niche sales page, the pricing gets a bit more complex. An article between 500 and 600 words will cost you 105 dollars. One between 600 and 1,000 is $175, and an article between 1000 and 2000 words will cost incredible $300.

Additional Services: Express Writers offer everything you might want to order. That includes white papers, landing pages, press releases, ebooks, social media posts, ad copy, and many other services.

Ordering Their Services

Making an order with Express Writers is rather straightforward. However, their services don’t come cheap. Not only are they among the most expensive services on this list, but they also group their article lengths. That means that an article of 1,100 words will cost you 300 dollars. Just as much as a 2,000 word one, while an article of 990 words will only cost 175 dollars.

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8.  Content Development Pros

ContentDevelopmentPros logo

Content Development Pros is one of the best services if you are looking to improve your niche business. With them, you can specify your keywords and get an SEO friendly article in record-breaking time.

About Content Development Pros

This company was founded back in 2009 in Wilmington, Delaware. And, ever since then, they have been in the competition to hold the title of the best article writing service online. Their in-house experts will proofread all articles before they send them out. With that as a security fallback, they are offering a guarantee of 0% mistakes.

Headquarters Location: Wilmington Delaware

Niche Writer Cost: $.03 per word

Their most inexpensive offer is $9.95 for a 300-word custom article.

Additional Services: They also offer web copy, blog post writing, web design, ebook writing, etc.

Ordering Their Services

They have an incredibly simple ordering system. You choose the plan you wish to purchase (which usually depends on the word count, and the number of articles you want to buy) and then you enter the details before you proceed with the payment.

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7. Articlez

Articlez Logo

If you are looking for a content writing service that hires American niche writers only, you came to the right place. The all-American team of Articlez is there to provide you with top-quality ghostwriting.

About Articlez

This Baltimore company is one of the rare content writing services that hire only American writers. And, not only that, but they are not incredibly expensive either. So, feel free to visit for unique content written by native speakers.

Headquarters Location: Baltimore, Maryland

Niche Writer Cost: $.05 per word

There are two main article categories for those who want regular content. The Gold content, which costs 5 cents per word, and the Elite content which will cost you 9 cents.

Additional Services: The writers of are more than willing to write about any subject you want. That includes blog posts, web pages, press releases and even personal stories and anecdotes.

Ordering Their Services is a great writing service. However, their ordering system could use an upgrade. Once you get to it, it is simple enough. But there is definitely room for improvement. From the fact that you use a slider to set the word count instead of just typing it out, to the fact that you have to register even to reach the ordering system.

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6. Mad Content

MadContent Logo

One thing Mad Content has down to the point is understanding how valuable content in fact is. It is content that brings the people to your website. And, importantly, it is content that will always be what is making your profit at the end of the day.

About Mad Content

This content writing service was founded back in 2010 in Canada. Ever since then, they have been striving to provide quality content to their customers. They even have a professional management team that is always there to oversee the writing process. That means that you will always receive good material from this service.

Headquarters Location: Ontario, Canada

Niche Writer Cost: $.04 per word

Additional Services: Press release, e-book, and newsletter writing services

Ordering Their Services

While the offices of this company are in Ontario, they hire people from around the globe to write for them. So, when placing an order, you can actually choose between in-house pros and freelancers. In fact, you can even pinpoint the area and ask for a niche writer that comes from a specific part of the world.

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5. House of Write

House of Write logo

Are you looking for article quality only a UK service can offer? Well, then you should consider going with House of Write with your next writing assignment. They are one of the services that take a lot of pride in what they do. And, for a good reason, as they offer high-quality service.

About House of Write

This young blood in the world of content writing bases their operation in Guisborough, UK. They promise that they can break the mold of online writing services. They offer credible research and excellent articles.

Headquarters Location: Guisborough, UK

Niche Writer Cost: $.20 per word

Additional Services: No additional services

Ordering Their Services

The system is very straightforward, and the website is incredibly simple to use, especially the ordering system. You choose the category of the article and the article length, and you will see the price. However, if your niche doesn’t belong to any of the categories, don’t worry. They have an excellent research team that can make sure you get an amazing article on any subject.

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4. Killer Content Writers

killercontentwriters logo

Anyone looking for a niche writer will be more than glad to use the services of this company. They claim to be able to set you apart from millions of other companies online.

About Killer Content Writers

This Texan company has been around since 2010, and they are not slowing down, especially when it comes to the quality of their research. You can even be sure that your article comes from a writer who is an expert in your niche.

Headquarters Location: Dallas, Texas

Niche Writer Cost: $.01 per word

A 100-word article can cost you as little as 1 dollar. However, there are additional charges for everything you want to add to it. That includes a $2 charge for proofreading.

Additional Services: ebook writing, press releases, product reviews.

Ordering Their Services

Ordering with them is refreshingly simple, yet unique. You can customize the order easily, and you will know exactly what you are paying for in detail. The starting cost is incredibly low, but bear in mind that ordering short articles of highest quality might end up being somewhat expensive, depending on the quality options you choose.

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3. Copify

Copify is one of the big names of online writing services, and they deserve the high placement on this list. Their articles are well researched, proofread, and even delivered in less than a couple of days.

About Copify

Ever since its foundation in 2009, this service has been working tirelessly on creating good content. And, they are definitely not slowing down. They offer an excellent service and have a team of native English speakers.

Headquarters Location: Lancaster, UK

Niche Writer Cost: $.06 per word

Their services will cost you between 6 and 8 cents per word, depending on the quality.

Additional Services: They also offer e-commerce content, press releases, blog posts, and even email writing services.

Ordering Their Services

Their website features a simple 3-step form that will let you customize and place your order. They cover a wide variety of niches, and you can easily set up your keywords. There are no hidden fees and expenses to worry about with this service.

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2. Writer Access

writeraccess logo

If you are looking for a stress-free experience, going with Writer Access might be a good call. They offer a matching system that will find you the writer that is perfect for you. Their style metrics matcher will help you contact the writer with just the right expertise for your niche.

About Writer Access

This service has been delivering excellent content to people since 2010. The company’s base of operations is in Boston. However, they hire writers across the US to be able to meet the ever-growing demand for high-quality articles. And their writers will go through a serious selection process that will land them at a certain level.

Headquarters Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Niche Writer Cost: $.04 per word

The price depends on the skill and the number of writers you choose. It starts with 4 cents per word, and additional editing will cost you extra 2 cents per word.

Additional Services: SEO article writing, translation from most languages, strategy management

Ordering Their Services

Their website offers a lot of customization for your order. You can choose the star level of your writer, add any possible instructions (including keywords) and set a deadline up. You can even create a team of writers for your projects. Of course, you can choose the solo writer, or just place your order on the board and wait for a writer to pick it up.

And, if you aren’t certain you are making the right choice, you can contact the management team. Their team will be more than happy to recommend a writer with experience in your niche. This service definitely deserves the high rating thanks to the level of customization they offer. With this service, you don’t have to worry about finding the perfect niche writer.

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1. GoSuperb

GoSuperb logo

And, in the first place of our list, we actually find a new contestant. GoSuperb offers one of the best services you will find, at a fraction of the price others do.

About GoSuperb

GoSuperb started in 2015 in Doesburg, a city in the eastern Netherlands. However, they are definitely one of the most powerful services you will find. Their in-house niche writers are all rigorously tested to confirm that they are at native speaker level. And, they hire writers from varying backgrounds, so you are certain to find a perfect match for your niche.

Headquarters Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Niche Writer Cost: $.01 per word

With this service, you can get a great article for as little as 1.25 cents per word. That is only $0.0125 per word. If you want an article that requires more research, a word might cost you up to $0.0325 if you request a 24-hour delivery. And, that is definitely an inexpensive, top-quality service.

Additional Services: GoSuperb offers a wide variety of services, from landing pages, copywriting, and SEO articles to blog posts, reviews, and CV cover letters.

Ordering Their Services

That is where being a new company helps. Their ordering system is incredibly simple, and yet it goes into great detail. You can customize your order to every minuscule detail. In fact, we gave them a little test. We actually wrote five pages of instructions for our article. And what came back was perfectly in line with every single thing from the instruction file we sent earlier. They even offer a refund if you find a grammatical error, which, of course, we couldn’t.

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