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On the lookout for best creative writing services? Did you think that creative content writing college course was going to be an easy A? Or that it will be a piece of cake to write that short story for your blog?

Maybe you’re struggling with a piece of fan fiction or a poem assignment. Whatever it is, by now you’ve realized that creative content writing is not a walk in the park.

So, if you might need some help in the creative department, we’ve prepared a list of the best creative content writing services.

If you can’t conquer the world – create a new one!

If you are struggling with the very idea of creative writing, you aren’t the only one. So, how does it look like?

The purpose of creative writing is to express emotions, thoughts, ideas, not just to convey information. It’s supposed to be done in an intuitive, imaginative and particular way.

Ultimately, you are supposed to be creating something new, something uniquely your own.

Creative writing is:

  • intuitive ✔
  • imaginative ✔
  • unique ✔
  • authentic ✔
  • inventive ✔

Writers like to say that every story, every poem or a novel is a little piece of their soul they gift the reader with.

While writing, you have the freedom to express yourself in any way you want because you are not restricted by reality. In your story, the sky can be green, and people can all be twelve feet high. It sounds weird, but no matter. It’s your story; you can do whatever you want with it.

New worlds, interesting people and dramatic events are all just a couple of pen strokes away. You just have to know how to do it. The devil’s in the details, isn’t it?

What can you write?

The simple answer to that is – anything, of course. If you are wondering what kind of writing form you should comply with, the answer is still pretty much anything. Write whatever your heart desires, just be creative! That’s imperative.

People sometimes have trouble to even specify what creative writing is. Yes, it’s creating, but creating what, exactly?

That includes:

  • Novels
  • Novellas and short stories
  • Poetry
  • Memoirs
  • Songs
  • Biographies
  • Plays
  • Blog posts
  • Scripts for movies and TV series
  • Personal essays
  • Speeches
  • Travel books
  • Literary journalism
  • Fan fiction
  • Feature stories

That is the broadest conception of creative content writing. Outskirts of creative writing are subjective, so, if you feel that some piece of work is creative, then it probably is.

The bottom line is, creative writing is a slippery beast. Especially when it comes to definitions, borders, and limits. Just like the imagination it relies upon, creative writing practically knows no bounds.

So, what is creative writing?

Creative writing implies original thought and original composition. Self-expression and imagination are pillars of creative content writing, and you have to be very apt to channel them in a way that will affect the reader.That is the most important thing.

What is the effect of creative writing?

  • Makes your readers feel something
  • Stirs the emotions
  • Elicits responses
  • Makes the readers relate to your work
  • Provokes thought
  • Enlightens

Creative writing is the art of making stuff up, but you can’t just make whatever up. It has to mean something, it has to move others, to make them feel joyous, dismal, furious or anything else, but they have to feel your work.

Knowing how to captivate your audience is a definite sign of excellent creative content writing. What you write has to be entertaining. Not necessarily in a funny way, but in a way that provokes thoughts and entertains the mind.

Still, being funny doesn’t hurt. Ultimately, it has to be authentic but, at the same time, it has to share human experience.

That is why one of the best pieces of advice is “write what you know.” At least at first. It is a rare gift of imagination to write about experiences and feelings that are not your own.

By writing about human experiences, you grant the reader a chance to relate to you and your characters. Everyone has experienced loss, love or happiness, and has strong and distinct memories of them that they will project onto your work.

But, what if they don’t like it?

Of course, precisely because of that, creative content writing is subjective. Just like any other art form.

If you can’t associate with it, you won’t understand it. And, if you don’t understand it, you won’t like it. It’s just what it is. Creating something authentic, something uniquely yours that also carries an underlying common and relatable emotion isn’t easy.

The most important thing is that your work has to have value, merit. It has to mean something, be a piece of you, a piece of your mind. With your writing you can entertain but also enlighten, inspire, provoke and so much more.

Creative writing gives you the ultimate freedom, whether you choose to write about yourself or about others. In your stories, you can be a god, the transcendent ruler of all, and have the power you’ve always been dreaming about.

Or you can portray any other kind of scenario. But, not everyone can wrestle with the beast that is creativity. Yes, you can be a god, but if you don’t figure out what to do with your flock, trouble is inevitable.

If you find yourself staring at a blank page and almost hearing it mock you, don’t worry. That’s actually very common.

OK, I have an idea! Now what?

Keep in mind; a brilliant idea isn’t enough to make your writing successful, no matter how imaginative it is. Even though it’s a craft of liberty and openness, good creative content writing includes so much more – discipline, knowing the precedents of writing, honoring the grammatical and linguistic rules, and so on.

This is precisely a problem when writing pieces inspired by other people’s work, like fan fiction, or a mimic assignment. You might know how to start, but no insight on how to finish.

One amazing idea is not enough, but it is a start.

Now, what happens if you can’t move away from that starting point? You have this superb concept, but no clue how to develop it further.

Maybe you have an outline of a potentially fantastic new world but have no idea who will live in it and what problems they might have. Or you have a whole event imagined but can’t quite bring your protagonist to life.

Whatever the problem, you can always turn to professionals and creative writing services.

Sometimes, you just need a little push, and at other times, you need someone else to do the thing you can’t. Whatever the problem is, professional creative writing services will provide help.

Finding creative writing services

Yes, professional writers will be the first to say that imagination is only half the job. After that, the real work comes.

Pulling thousands of tiny pieces into a bigger picture, word by word, is nowhere close to easy. For example, keeping your character’s personality attributes consistent throughout the story is complicated, and it’s not unusual to struggle with something like that.

Perhaps it’s difficult for you to imagine new realities but you have no problem with adding and improving other people’s ideas.

You don’t know how to fill your plot holes or even how to further your plot at all. Or you have an amazing plot but don’t know how to make it engaging or funny enough. The struggles are endless.

Ultimately, you might have a problem with creativity in general. It’s quite possible that you are a logical person, not a creative one. There’s nothing wrong with that; you can solve other problems so much faster.

No matter what kind of problem you have and whatever stumbling stone you can’t conquer, creative writing services can provide advice and support.

How to pick a winner

When hiring someone to do your work or assignment for you, it’s important to know what kind of qualities to look for in writers and creative writing services.

Creative writing is basically keeping the equilibrium between

  • creativity ⟺ literacy
  • instinct ⟺ good planning
  • inspiration ⟺ preparation

When writing, you can’t just pull an idea out of thin air and expect everything else to fall in line after that. No, it takes expertise, a little bit of ingenuity and perfect command of the language to author an exceptional piece.

Good writing requires so much more than just inspiration. If you are imagining your hired writer sitting down and getting hit with a massive, vision-like wave of creativity, you’re in for a surprise.

Writing with merit is balancing between being calculated and relying on instinct. A good writer has to be able to do both.

And, that is exactly what you are looking for when combing through the Internet looking for help.

Writing is a difficult thing to do and a great skill to have. A lot of practice, failures and advances are required until it becomes a smooth process.

So, don’t beat yourself up about not being able to complete your assignment. Good writing is a skill, just like any other, and not everyone is good at it.

If you don’t have the time to practice, hire someone. To aid you in that endeavor, we’ve made a list of best creative content writing services.


10. Essay

essayassist logo

With over a decade of experience, Essay Assist is one of the best creative writing services available. Although not a creative content writing company per se, they will provide you with a top-notch piece tailored to your needs.

Their exceptional service comes at a bit of a high price, but they offer to pair each customer with a professional writer well acquainted with the topic of the assignment.

Even though essays and college papers are their most popular services, they offer appealing creative writing assistance. They have almost 800 writers who go through rigorous testing to make sure they can write anything on the assigned topic from scratch.

Price range: starting at $10 per page

Considering that Essay Assist is a company that offers services mainly to students, they have a price range that depends on the academic level as well as turnaround time.

The prices start at $10 per page for a high school level piece with a deadline of 14 days and can go up to $38 per page for a 3-hour deadline. That is very high but, considering the fast turnaround, not surprising.

Additional services:

Essay Assist offers any kind of writing service including reviews, research papers, dissertations and more. Anything you need – they have a writer for you. They also offer an unlimited number of revisions.

While the prices might be a little bit steep, the content is well written and swiftly delivered. Still, when it comes to creative content writing, this might not be the best creative writing service, as it primarily caters to other needs and assignments.

That is why we’ve ranked it low on our list of best creative writing services.

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9. Express

Express writers logo

A service at Express Writers will cost you a pretty penny, let’s just say that up front. This once-small company has grown exponentially in the past years and is now a business machine of expert content writers.

This company doesn’t settle for anything but excellence and thus will provide you with an exceptional piece of writing, no matter the topic or theme.

Their writers will create a compelling story of unique content just for you. Express Writers focuses the creative writing team more on web content like blogs and reviews, but they will produce any other kinds of creative pieces if you so desire.

Price range: $9 – $50 per 100 words

Like we said they are high-priced. But, sometimes you have to pay a little bit extra to get remarkable results.

Their creative content writing is keyword optimized and topic researched, which is very important if you need help with blog and web writing.

Express Writers will provide a fresh, imaginative and fun voice for your piece that you’ve been looking for. For a price, of course.

Additional services:

This company offers content and copywriting services individually and in convenient packages.

Considering they are one of the most recognizable services out there, if you don’t mind paying a higher price, they will provide you with a flawless creative content writing.

However, this might be a deal-breaker for potential clients working on a tighter budget.

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8. The Pensters

The pensters logo

A platform with a clever name and over 700 available writers, The Pensters have been on the market for just over two years. But, don’t let the lack of experience fool you – they are one of the best creative writing services out there.

The Pensters offer a clear overview of all their writers, their credentials, preferred topics, success rates and customer reviews. You have the freedom to choose any writer and work with them directly.

An open line of communication and a high customer satisfaction rate are the reasons we included this platform on our list of best creative writing services.

Price range: Starts from $9 per page

When it comes to the price range, it varies depending on which author you choose, the length of your order and turnaround time.

You can also write the specifications of your assignment and wait for writers to bid on it. That way you can’t choose who you work with, but the price is often lower.

Additional services:

This company has one great feature. When it comes to creative writing, it offers a couple of different collaboration methods, so, if you want to participate in the creative process or just keep an eye on the progress, you can.

They also offer several other kinds of writing services, ranging from homework to dissertations.

The option of choosing your own writer gives you the opportunity to carefully select the most competent one to achieve what you wished for, which is a beneficial trait.

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7. Sleek Writers

sleekwriters logo

Sleek Writers is a company committed to originality and high-quality creative content writing. They pride themselves on not reusing or recycling any of their writing. That means that you will get fresh, original content every time.

No matter the topic or the purpose of your creative content writing order, Sleek Writers are confident they will deliver a premium, imaginative product that will be grammatically correct and written from scratch.

This company employs over 100 writers, all with degrees in various fields, with years of experience in content writing. You will get a writer with significant knowledge when it comes to the topic of your order.

Price range: $10 – $60 per page

Prices vary depending on the academic level required and the turnaround time. Otherwise, they are the same no matter what service you are interested in.

Additional services:

Sleek Writers has a wide selection of writing services. They also offer a plagiarism-free guarantee and free revisions.

This company offers decent creative writing services at a moderate price. It is affordable providing that you can wait a couple of days to get your ordered creative piece.

If you’re in a hurry, you might have to dig a little deeper in your pockets. That is why they rank in the bottom half of our best creative writing services list.

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6. Essay Writing

essaywriting logo

Essay Writing is a creative content writing service that offers thorough research and professional writers with degrees in various fields.

This company has a premium 24/7 customer support. In addition, it gives customers a chance to closely follow the work that the writers are producing for them.

With over 200 writers on their employee list, they will surely match you with the one who is able to tailor their writing in an imaginative and engaging way. That way, your creative writing piece will be distinct and eye-catching.

Turnaround times are very competitive, as Essay Writing offers to fulfill your order in as little as 8 hours. That will, of course, come at a very high price. But, if you are in a hurry out of circumstances or just plain old procrastination, a swift, effective service is what you need.

Price range: starting at $12.99 per page

If you don’t mind waiting a week or two for your creative writing assignment, you can get it at a much lower price. Prices start at 12.99 dollars per page and go up, depending on not just the turnaround time, but the academic level required.

Additional services:

In order to make themselves stand out in a competitive market, Essay Writing implemented discount and coupon services. They also offer promotional codes, so, if you don’t mind waiting and planning around their promotions, you can get a very fair price.

Overall, this company provides quality creative writing services, and the discounts are alluring – especially for potential clients working on a tighter budget.

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5. Essay Pro

essaypro logo

Essay Pro offers no more sleepless nights and a weight lifted off your shoulders. Sounds nice, right?

If you have a creative content writing assignment, they will do it for you. Their motto is “any deadline, any subject,” and they do deliver.

With their email and SMS notifications service, you will constantly be updated on the progress of your writer’s work. A bonus feature is that you get to pick who writes your order, based on the detailed writer profiles that offer insight into the academic level, rates, and customer reviews.

Price range: starting at $10.80 per page

The prices are reasonable, and given that you can choose your own writer, you can also choose the rate you are comfortable with. Negotiating the price is also an option.

That is a great fringe benefit as it allows you to tailor your order according to your financial plan.

Additional services:

They offer same-day service for a premium price. You can also get any kind of writing done by this company.

With over twenty years of experience, Essay Pro is a creative writing service that combines the best practices with high-quality standards and an innovative approach to deliver the best creative content writing.

Their quality-price ratio is decent, and that is why we have ranked them number 5 on our list of best creative writing services.

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4. Do My Papers

domypapers logo

Do My Papers is a Hong Kong-based company that employs over 500 writers with an array of capabilities. They have been on the market for almost 15 years, and pride themselves on working only with the best US, UK and Canada-based writers.

This creative content writing company promises to keep up with any particular language requirements and instructions. So, if you’re stuck or out of ideas, they can finish your writing or do it from scratch.

Do My Papers is known for their writers’ academic and language prowess. They are a community of native English-speaking authors with Master and Ph.D. degrees.

Price range: $10 – $72 per page

The prices are based on the academic level, urgency, number of pages and type of paper needed.

Additional services:

They offer all types of plagiarism-free, professional writing in over 70 subjects.
There is also an option for cancellation of orders.

Do My Papers has writers who are specialized in creative content writing and deliver top-notch creative writing services. They will accept any subject or theme and as long as the deadline is within reasonable grounds -they will do it for you.

Express delivery option, combined with the benefits of professional creative writers and a free revision policy, places this company very high on our creative writing services list.

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3. Elite Essay Writers

eliteessaywriters logo

Elite Essay Writers offers to save you time and frustration by dealing with any piece of creative writing instead of you.

Their writers are guaranteed to have the optimal levels of knowledge, skills, and training. They will efficiently and swiftly produce any kind of work, no matter how urgently you need it.

Price range: starting at $9 per page

But, beware, their services don’t come cheap. This company offers creative content writing services on an undergraduate, bachelor and professional level.

And, while you can still get a fairly cheap piece of work with them if you choose the undergraduate option, the Master’s option will cost you around $18 per page.

Additional services:

Essay writing, papers, dissertations, research proposals – they offer everything. Other features are the 15% discounts and occasional promotional codes they offer to all their clients.

Elite Essay Writers will take any task you have off your hands and produce a high-quality piece of creative content writing.

They have over 1000 writers at your disposal, so that you can pick the one with the most experience in your appointed topic range.

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2. Essay Empire

essayempire logo

Essay Empire is a fast-growing company that offers creative writing services among other things. Although they’ve been on the market for just over four years, this company has an excellent customer satisfaction rate.

They care about their clients, and their satisfaction is paramount, so they always deliver great quality content. The team includes responsive customer support, professional, knowledgeable authors, and attentive managers.

Essay Empire offers original, innovative creative content writing done by native English-speakers at affordable prices.

What more can you ask for? Well, they also offer discounts, free revisions, and a VIP customer service. This service involves getting regular text message progress reports.

Price range: $10 – $56 per page

Depending on the academic level and urgency, prices vary from $10 to $56 per page.

Additional services:

This creative content writing service offers

  • covering any topic from a new angle
  • fiction writing
  • poetry writing
  • screenplay writing

But, they will also do anything else you need, a blog post or a travel article, for example, for a negotiable price.

Essay Empire refuses to believe that innovative and authentic creative writing is an unachievable goal. They offer always to bring a fresh perspective and to produce unique pieces for their customers.

That is why they take the second spot on our best creative writing services list.

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1. GoSuperb

GoSuperb logo

Review by contentheat
Depth of research
Sentence structure
Following instructions
Speed and quality of service
Value for your money

We have written a detailed review about GoSuperb, which you can read here.

This Amsterdam-based company takes the well-deserved number one spot on our best creative content writing services. Founded in 2015, it’s green but not unpracticed.

Their trusting base of qualified writers will provide high-quality creative content writing with unmatched effectiveness.

When it comes to creative writing services, GoSuperb delivers content on time, and it’s always polished and well-researched. Their writers have a perfect command of language, and they never lack in inspiration.

Other benefits include very rigorous adherence to deadlines as well as the option of unlimited revisions you get for free. Sometimes, unlimited revisions can be off-putting to customers, as they can paint a picture of endless back-and-forth emailing with the writer.

But, GoSuperb writers receive bonuses if the client accepts the first draft. That way, you know it’s in their best interest that the first draft is simultaneously the final one as well.

Price range : $3.25 – $4.85 per 100 words

GoSuperb provides services at a price that varies from $3.25 – $4.85 per 100 words, based on the quality of writing and amount of research required.

Additional services:

What secured GoSuperb’s number 1 spot on this list is their money-back guarantee. If you find just one grammar mistake, you get a full refund. Talk about an incentive!

Not only does that make the company prominent and authentic, but it’s a great assurance in their confidence to deliver a high-quality piece.

Overall, GoSuperb offers amazing service and unrivaled pitch. The quality-price ratio is excellent; in fact, they offer the lowest prices.

Being cheap isn’t enough to thrive in the business of creative writing services. That is why this creative content writing company offers impeccable work by highly qualified writers.

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