Cheapest Resume Writing Services

Cheapest Resume Writing Services

Are you on your way to the next professional adventure, but don’t know how to get there? The first thing you need is a good resume. If you need some help with that, have no fear – here is a list of the best cheap resume writing services.

But first, what is a resume?

If you have ever seen a job advertisement, and you have, you know that many employers ask for you to submit a resume when applying. But, what exactly is a resume and what is its purpose?

A resume is your first contact with your potential employer and the first chance to sell yourself. It is supposed to help you get that job you’ve always been dreaming about – not be a stumbling stone. That’s why it’s important to know what it is and what information it should include.

Before you start looking for top rated cheap resume writing services, make sure you know what to ask for your money.

Your resume should list your

  • Qualifications and skills – what you can do
  • Accomplishments – what you did and how you did it
  • Traits and capabilities – what sets you apart

If you think of it as a one-page advertisement of yourself, you won’t be wrong. Keep in mind that it shouldn’t be an autobiography, but a quick preview of who you are and what you offer as an employee.

That can be difficult to achieve, and if you have no experience, you’re in a hurry or just overwhelmed, help is but a few clicks away. That is why there are so many cheap resume writing services at your disposal.

What makes a good resume?

A resume is a vital tool when it comes to job searching. It is a true first impression, and it should stir the interest of a hiring manager.

You may think you know how to write it or that you already have a great resume. Chances are thousands of other people in your field think the same thing. And the sad truth is that all those resumes look alike.

Imagine being the one tasked with sifting through the seemingly endless pile of similar looking papers. You’d be dying for the ones that stand out, right? And that is exactly what your resume needs to achieve.

A fantastic resume should:

  • Advertise the unique value of the applicant
  • Focus on what you can do for the company
  • Show off core competencies
  • Use concise, strong language
  • Use the right keywords

But, it is also important that the resume, while telling a powerful and compelling story, isn’t overdone. It can’t just go on and on about how great you are. Nobody’s going to believe that. It needs to be impactful, yet subtle.

That’s hard to accomplish, which is why many people turn to cheap resume writing services for much-needed help.

Resume vs. CV – know the difference

When applying for a job, it’s essential to know how to do it properly.

Firstly, you might be wondering whether to apply with a CV or a resume. Although they are both documents used for the same purpose, they are not always synonymous. It’s important to know the difference.


You can always spot a CV based on its length. Traditionally, it’s more elaborate than a resume and can contain two to three pages. A CV has more information than a resume, especially those regarding the academic background.

A CV should be a chronological overview of all educational and professional achievements. What distinguishes it most from the resume is that it’s static – you submit the same CV no matter what job you are applying to.

With the resume, as mentioned, things are very much different. You need to adjust and customize it for every position you petition for.

Finding cheap resume writing services

Now that you know the basics, you can start searching for help. But, keep in mind that, although you are on the hunt for cheap resume writing services, cheap isn’t always the best option.

Sometimes, you have to put the quality above the price, and that might be hard if you are on a budget. But it’s not impossible to find a top rated resume writing service at low cost, and that is exactly what this list offers.

Whether you are an excited, freshly-graduated novice to the working market or an experienced veteran when it comes to job hunting – a good resume is a must-have. It doesn’t matter if you need a resume done from scratch or you need to dust off your old one and give it a makeover. These 15 cheap resume writing services can help you.

Top 15 Cheap Resume Writing Services


ResumeWriters logo

A company with over two-decade experience in professional resume writing, ResumeWriters offers a wide range of services. It also guarantees that the first draft of your resume will land in your inbox within 72 hours of ordering it.

Price range: $169.95 – $249.95.
Such a swiftly service, provided by a writer versed in your particular field, comes at a steep price. The cheapest option is for students and entry-level positions, and it’s $169.95. For a professional level resume the price is $199.95, and for the executive level, it’s $249.95. But, you can pay in three installments, which is a plus.

Additional services / Guarantees:
If you are interested in a career change, which is the hardest thing to achieve on the job market, they will write you a resume that will land you a position in your new desired field, for $249.95.

ResumeWriters was the number one resume writing service in 2017, but, its high prices have put it on the bottom of our list. Although undeniably popular, it’s not because of their prices.

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TopResume logo

TopResume is one of the resume writing companies that offers a lot of assurances. Off the bat, they guarantee to double your interview-call number. Their system consists of matching you with one of their professional writers who has experience in your field of work, and who will determine the best way to tell your career story.

Price range: $149 – $349
Getting a resume from TopResume will cost you $149 for a keyword-optimized, professionally written resume, or $219 for a resume and a cover letter. They also have a premium package for $349 which consists of a resume, cover letter and a LinkedIn profile written by their executive writers.

Additional services / Guarantees:
Another guarantee they offer is that all the resumes they produce will pass the applicant tracking systems. Those are logarithms designed to automatically search for the necessary criteria.
Although this is not one of the cheap resume writing services, they do offer a lot for the money invested. In the beginning, you get a free expert resume review. If you choose their paid services, you get one-on-one support from one of their skilled writers.

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RedStarResume logo

RedStarResume makes high-impact resumes to increase your professional marketability. This company has writers who are highly specialized and experts in your field. They offer free consultations over the phone and have experience in writing resumes on an international level. That is a bonus, considering that requested resume layouts can vary from country to country. They are one of the top rated resume writing services.

Price range: $139.95 – $259.95
All that expertise doesn’t come cheap. The lowest price they offer is for a resume for an entry-level position, $139.95. The prices go up from there. If you are a young professional, your resume will cost $159.95. For a management position the price of a resume is $199.95, and the most expensive option is the executive one – it will cost you $259.95.

Additional services / Guarantees:
RedStarResume also offers resumes for workers of skilled trades. They also have a guarantee. If you don’t receive interview callbacks within 60 days of your purchase, another writer will rewrite your resume free of charge.

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Monster logo

Monster is a company that offers any help you might need while fighting your way through the job market. On this website, you can browse through job opportunities and company profiles, get career advice and get your resume written for you.

Price range: $129 – $189
If you want to hire one of Monster writers to jump-start your career, it will cost you $129 for a resume, $189 for a resume and a cover letter, and $349 for a resume, cover letter, and a LinkedIn profile.

Additional services / Guarantees: connects people and job opportunities, and on their website, you can do a lot more than just get a resume. They help people reach the companies they would like to work for, and vice versa. They also have a 60-day guarantee – if you don’t get any calls or emails from interviewers, they will rewrite your resume.

Investing in a resume with could result in multiple benefits. It’s a place where companies can search for skilled candidates – not just the other way around. As always, sometimes the benefits are worth the higher cost. Out of all top rated resume writing services, Monster offers the most.

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ResumeProfessionalWriters logo

ResumeProfessionalWriters offers a multitude of services regarding job hunting. With over 100.000 professional resumes written, you are in good hands. While this isn’t one of the cheap resume writing services, you will get free, unlimited revisions, free future resume update, and an interview guarantee.

Price range: $125 – $485
The price for a basic resume is $125, and it includes a resume delivery in 4 business days and free revisions. If you don’t mind paying more, they have deluxe, premium and ultimate packages, with prices that vary from $195 to $485. For that, you get quicker service, faster turnaround time, cover and thank-you letters, as well as some other benefits like a LinkedIn profile and career e-books.

Additional services / Guarantees:
You can also get a more detailed service if you are looking for jobs in special fields, like the federal government. There are also additional services like portfolio writing, salary reports, professionally written biographies and more.

If you are looking for a basic resume, ResumeProfessionalWriters offers reasonable prices. You may need to stretch your budget a bit, though, if you are looking for a more specific service. While it is one of the best resume writing services, it’s definitely not one of the cheapest.

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ResumesGuaranteed logo

This company has been on the market since the early 90s and has kept up with the times and trends of the job market. When you’ve been around for so long, you’re bound to pick up some tricks. They offer free consultations, and their services are tax-deductible. Talk about benefits!

Price range: $109.95 – $199.95
These resume writing veterans will give you a professionally written resume for $109.95. For the executive level resume you will have to pay $199.95.

Additional services / Guarantees:
You can also hire them to write you a cover letter or make you a LinkedIn profile. They offer a career coach counseling session as well. Not only do they guarantee that you’ll get interviews, but they also guarantee that you’ll definitely get a job (terms and conditions will, of course, apply)!
Even with that out-of-this-world promise, ResumesGuaranteed still comes at a high price, and we just couldn’t rank it higher on our cheap resume writing services list.

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ResumeWriterDirect logo

An industry leader in resume writing, ResumeWriterDirect offers eye-catching resumes and solutions to any professional problem you may have. They pride themselves on being able to spin all your potential concerns into a positive trait. If you have some gaps in your work history, age concerns or you lack an academic and professional background – they can solve it all.

Price range: $99 – $199
They have a wide range of services that come at different prices. A basic resume for an entry-level position costs $99, for a professional level $139, and for executive level $199.

Additional services / Guarantees:
This company offers specialized resumes to job hunters in the fields of nursing and government, and to ex-military personnel looking for civilian jobs. They also have a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the resume, it can be rewritten, or you can just take back your money.
The guarantees are definitely the biggest strength this company has, so, even if you invest a bit more, you can always get it back if there are no results.

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resumevalley logo

ResumeValley is one of the resume writing companies that offer good service for a reasonable price. They don’t have any over-the-top express options like 24-hour turnaround, but they will deliver a solid product. This company offers to dig deep into your background to produce the perfect, attractive resume.

Price range: $99
The resume writing service for $99 lands ResumeValley in the golden middle of our list. Their straightforward offer is compelling. There are no hidden or additional costs for specific position levels – for a hundred dollars, you get a custom-made resume.

Additional services / Guarantees:
You can also get a LinkedIn profile for $69. Their simple and candid offer is easy to work with, and there are additional services, like the cover and follow-up letters, which you can get in a combo option.

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Resumeble logo

Halfway through our list of top resume services is Resumeble, another company that offers different packages that vary in price. They pride themselves on not being a “Cookie Cutter” type of business. They have an in-depth, interactive approach with every client. That means that your assigned writer will really get to know you so that he can write a resume with your capabilities and skills in mind.

Price range: $99 – $249.99
They have entry level, career-pro, professional and premium packages, and those will cost you somewhere between $99 – $249.99, depending on which option you chose.

Additional services / Guarantees:
CV writing, a LinkedIn profile and cover letter writing are some of the additional services. Unfortunately, this company offers only three free revisions, and there are no guarantees if you buy the cheapest package. So, in spite of their interactive and customized approach, they don’t rank particularly high on our cheap resume writing services list.

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One of the most famous resume writing services, ResumesPlanet, comes at number 6 on our list, because, let’ be honest – you could find a cheaper service. But, the quality-price ratio is excellent and worth inspecting.

When you hire ResumesPlanet, you will get a resume that was written by a team of writers and experts. Moreover, the content goes through a ruthless editing process. The team is always in contact with the client, and customer satisfaction is very high on this company’s list of priorities.

Price range: $99 – $219
Even though the price range is average, ResumePlanet offers budget-friendly discounts for combo packets. If you just need a resume, it will cost you $99 with a turnaround of 5 days. If you can’t wait that long, there are faster options (even a 24-hour one). But, the prices for those are higher.

Additional services / Guarantees:
ResumesPlanet offers a wide range of services, 24-hour support, free revisions and a 30-day guarantee. You can also get free interview tips and career advice with your purchase.

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ResumeWritingService logo

ResumeWritingService caters to clients all over the world and is familiar with job-applying etiquette on different markets. This no-nonsense company doesn’t guarantee you a job, but it is determined to maximize your marketability and increase your chances.

When it comes to writing resumes, they go for clean formatting and a professional touch rather than embellishments. They identify and highlight your qualities in just the right way to get you noticed.

Price range: $95.96 – $103
For $95.96 you can get a professionally written resume that adheres to the highest standards. They also offer discounts and great value-for-money combinations. For $103, you can get a resume, a cover letter and a follow-up letter.

Additional services / Guarantees:
Interview tips, career advice, interview coaching, and planning – you can get it all in one place.
A variety of different services at a relatively low or average cost will appeal to a lot of clients. A lack of premium and deluxe services may fend off the customers with deeper pockets, but, then again, they aren’t the target audience of

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ResumeWritingGroup logo

As we are coming closer to the top of our cheap resume writing services list, the prices keep getting lower, but the standard stays high. That is the case with ResumeWritingGroup, a company that guarantees not only a job, but also money if you don’t get one!

Price range: $89 – $109
Now, flashy guarantees aside (although they are eye-catching), ResumeWritingGroup has a small, determined team that will produce a tailored resume for $89. If you aren’t job hunting for an entry-level position, your resume will be a bit pricier – $109 for all other professional resumes.

Additional services / Guarantees:
This company offers a standard variety of additional services, so you can get everything job-related at one place. But, the real selling point is their job guarantee. If you don’t get a job, not only will they give you your money back, but they will also give you an additional $100 for the trouble. Even if this is just click-bait, ResumeWritingGroup still offers dependable service at a low price.

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ResumesCentre logo

ResumesCentre is a company with the lowest price gap, which is why we ranked it at number 3. Your personal consultant will get you anything you need. In addition, he will send you multiple drafts until you are satisfied.

Price range: $89.95 – 104.95
The entry-level resume will cost you $89.95. The professional and executive level resumes cost just a few dollars more – $94.95 and $96.95.

Additional services / Guarantees:
Along with standard services, they also offer discounts up to 15% if you are a returning customer. They have 24-hour support and a guarantee that you will land some interviews. What more could you ask for?
Even though many companies have low prices just for entry-level position resumes, and use them to lure customers to their websites, ResumesCentre stands out with doing just the opposite.

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WebTechResume logo

With over a decade of experience, WebTechResume will provide you with an exceptionally written resume at a very low price. You won’t get a fancy, interactive website, but you will get a fast turnaround time and one of the cheapest services out there.

Price range: $67 – $79
You can get your professionally written resume for $67 or pay just $12 more and get a customized cover letter as well. And, as a bonus, you will get it within 24 hours. So, if you are in a time pinch and on a strict budget, this is the company for you.

Granted, you might not get the same quality as you would for two or three hundred dollars more, but it will be effective and professionally done.

You also get a free thank-you letter and unlimited, free revisions. What more could you ask for at such a low price?

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CheapResumeWritingServices logo

And, the winner of the cheap resume writing services list is definitely, as their name implies, the CheapResumeWritingServices. This is a seasoned company that caters to clients at low prices because it refuses to advertise, thus cutting the cost of the service. As they say, word-of-mouth is enough if you are doing the job right.

Price range: $44.99 – 249.96
They proudly proclaim that they are the cheapest of the resume writing companies available – and they are not lying. Your resume will cost you just $44.99 if you are willing to wait 14 days to get it. If you are on a budget, waiting probably won’t be a deal-breaker. Depending on the turnaround time and position level, prices go up from here, the highest being over two hundred dollars for 24-hour service.

But, even though the low prices really do seem compelling, this company doesn’t offer much information about the writers they hire. They also don’t offer an open line of communication between the client and the writers, as many others do. So, if you have any complaints, there will be a lot of back-and-forth emails.

But, for such a low price, you cannot expect much more than an adequate standard of service. You really have to weigh your options and prioritize when it comes to hiring professional writers for resumes. The cheapest option isn’t always the best one. But, whether you value high quality or low prices, there is something for everyone on our list of top rated cheap resume writing services.

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