Best Adult Content Writing Services

Best Adult Content Writing Services

Experts estimate that around 15% of the Internet is adult related content. That is quite a large chunk, and so many businesses have sprung up to take advantage of that fact. It is no surprise, then, that a market for adult writing and SEO has also sprung up.

However, adult writing is an umbrella term that encompasses many different types of media and products. That is why trying to explain what adult content writing is can be difficult. The internet is a place where the most surprising of businesses can flourish, fulfilling needs many of us hadn’t even thought existed.

With that in mind, in this piece, we will go over the adult writer scene in detail. We will look at what exactly adult writing entails, and then go over some of the best adult content writing services. These will include companies which specialize in adult writing, as well as those that primarily do mainstream writing, but also accept adult orders. However, we need to see what adult writing is first.


What is Adult Writing?

As we have already said, adult writing is a catch-all term that includes writing for various purposes. Therefore, there are many different types of adult writing:


  • Writing for adult websites: Many websites that host adult videos need an adult writer. That is because video descriptions are a powerful tool to entice people into clicking videos, even though pictures are probably even more important in this field.
  • Writing adult product descriptions: As with the previous type of writing, the adult product market needs an adult writer as well. Sellers need to entice buyers with salacious copy, offering them untold amounts of pleasure (or pain, if necessary).
  • Described Video: This is perhaps the strangest type of adult writing. The adult writer is asked to describe what is happening in an adult video in an enticing way. That is very useful for people with sight problems, and it’s actually a pretty progressive policy by adult video hosts.
  • Writing for adult advice blogs: There are many blogs out there which dispense advice on people’s sex lives. These are usually affiliated with a company that sells adult products. That is how these blogs make money – by recommending products to their readers. It is for this reason that they need to employ a specialized adult writer.
  • Writing Adult Stories: An adult writer is also necessary for writing sexually explicit content. This sort of thing has always been popular, but the internet has intensified demand for it.
  • Writing Scripts for Adult Videos: Yes, this is someone’s job. Videos made by big companies need to have some production value, so they usually add some plot, as banal as it may be. Therefore, they need an adult writer who specializes in this sort of thing as well.


What Makes Adult Content Great?

People are quite often skittish about adult-related topics. That is precisely the reason why a separate adult writing industry exists since not everyone is comfortable with writing that sort of content.

This skittishness also plagues the writing choices for adult writing. The adult content writer needs to perform a difficult balancing act when making their phrasing decisions. For that reason, adult writing needs to be:


  • Simple, but not too simple – The adult writer can’t just use vulgar words and expressions in their texts and call it adult content. They need to dance around the subject to a certain degree in order for the text to be taken seriously.
  • Stylized, but not too stylized – People are repelled by overly stylized adult content. Amateur writers often think that fancy words and poetic descriptions make for better adult content, but that is only the case to a certain extent.
  • Story-driven – Adult copy has to tell the reader a story they can identify with. While that is certainly true in other fields as well, an adult writer needs to make it even more personal and private.
  • SexyThis is the part that is the most difficult to get right. To write sexy copy, an adult writer needs to satisfy all of the above criteria, but that is not enough in itself. An adult writer has to know their audience well and be prepared to use their own preferences to their advantage when writing. That is why many people are uncomfortable with this sort of job.


15 Adult Content Writing Services

Now that we have seen what goes into writing great adult content, let’s take a look at some online adult content writing services where you can find a great adult writer.

We applied several criteria when selecting these. Firstly, we decided to include a balance of companies which deal exclusively with adult content, and those which provide general writing services, and also accept adult orders.

Secondly, the prices these companies charge for their services is another crucial factor. That is why we went around asking all of them for quotes, in order to bring you accurate information. We asked each of them what it would cost to write a 1000-word article on adult products, and this will be the benchmark for this list.

Naturally, the quality of the service will be the primary criterion for this list. Since the number of companies that specialize in adult writing is limited, we decided to include some shady companies as well.

Let’s take a look at the companies in reverse order, from the one we were least satisfied with, to the one we liked the most.


15. A1 Adult SEO

a1adultseo logo

A1 Adult SEO is a company that specializes in adult writing. They were founded in 2013, and they have worked with some well-known websites. Their clients are mostly escort services all over the world.

It is no surprise, then, that their website looks appropriately sleazy. We have provided a logo for the site, exactly as it is displayed there. The stretched-out stock photo girl doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. However, in the interest of fairness, we gave them a shot anyway.

Pricing: $20 for 1000 words
As the name may suggest, A1 Adult SEO does adult SEO, which includes a range of services other than writing. We asked them for a quote on an article about adult products, and they replied that they could do it for $20 or less if we did a bulk order.

Service Quality: Low to Medium
The concerning thing here is that the website itself is full of grammar and vocabulary mistakes. Likewise, the email we got in response contained some mistakes as well. We then took a look at the examples they provide on their website, and it was actually OK. The adult writer made a few vocabulary errors, but we didn’t find any big grammar mistakes. That is why we have decided to rate this service low to medium quality.

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14. Epic Write

EpicWrite logo

Epic Write is a general-purpose writing service, founded in 2008. They are a low-cost alternative to many of the more famous content writing companies. Because of that, they accept all kinds of orders, including adult content writing. With that being said, you won’t find a specialized adult writer here.

Pricing: $10 for 1000 words
Epic Write offers three tiers of service – Basic, Premium, and Professional. For our pricing summary, we went with the medium tier, Premium, which costs $1 per 100 words. That is the cheapest offering on our list, so we were naturally curious as to the quality of the writing.

Service Quality: Medium
We reviewed some writing samples the Epic Write team sent us. We found that there were no overt grammar errors and few spelling mistakes. However, some of the phrases they used were awkward and didn’t sound at all native.

The most important thing, however, is whether it sounded sexy. In that respect, we were not really satisfied with Epic Write. The text sounded kind of sterile as if the adult writer didn’t know what they were supposed to do.

However, it’s certainly better than the samples from the previous entry. It was grammatically correct, and it didn’t sound sleazy. This service could be very useful for people who need short product descriptions that don’t require a lot of eroticism.

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13. Adult SEOs

adultseos logo

Adult SEOs is a company that specializes in providing various SEO services for adult websites. Content writing is just one of the many things they offer to clients. We contacted them for a quote, and they got back to us within half an hour, which was a good start!

Pricing: $25 for 1000 words
As we will see later, their pricing is at the lower end of the spectrum. In fact, it is in line with the pricing of entry-level general writing services. However, they don’t have their pricing clearly visible on their website. That means you have to contact them for a quote every time you are considering using their services.

Service Quality: Medium
Let’s get the basics out of the way first. AdultSEOs offers good textual integrity. There were no grammar mistakes, nor any spelling errors in the sample texts. The adult writer writes clearly and concisely, and they know their way around keywords.

However, for a company specializing in adult writing and SEO, the writing simply doesn’t pop. It’s standard adult fare, but that won’t differentiate your website from the thousands of competitors out there. If you are looking for a decent adult writer, AdultSEOs has you covered, but if you are looking for something special, you should move on.

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12. Unik-SEO

Unik-SEO is a professional SEO agency with some renown in the online marketing world. They offer every conceivable online marketing service, and that includes adult content writing and SEO.

Pricing: $30 for 1000 words
We contacted Unik-SEO for a quote, and they got back to us pretty quickly. They were keen to point out that they offer better rates for bulk orders. However, we wanted to see what they would charge for 1000 words, so they gave us this price.

Service quality: Medium-high
Unik-SEO clients include some well-known adult websites. The content the adult writer wrote for these clients is grammatically correct, with no spelling errors. The keywords are well optimized, and there is an overall air of professionalism.

However, we have a bone to pick with the style. While this is supposed to be adult writing which entices potential clients, we find it too dry. It reads almost like regular SEO content designed to sell ordinary products. These people are real marketing professionals, but the nuances of adult writing seem to escape them.

Style judgments most often rely on personal preference. If you don’t want your adult content to be overly steamy, and you are trying to look respectable and professional, Unik-SEO is a great choice.

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11. TextMaster

TextMaster Logo

TextMaster is primarily an online translation service. However, they have also expanded into content writing, and that includes adult writing. That is why we decided to check them out, and we were surprised by what we saw.

Pricing: $66 for 1000 words
TextMaster is staffed by professional translators with English degrees. That is why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their pricing is a bit steep. With that in mind, they charge extra for proofreading, as well as extra revisions. Like with one of the previous entries, you won’t find a specialized adult writer here.

Service quality: Medium-high
When it comes to textual integrity, TextMaster doesn’t disappoint. All of their writing is grammatically correct, with no spelling errors. That is something we expect when hiring professionals.

Nevertheless, we couldn’t go above a medium-high rating for the same reason as the previous entry. While their professionalism is beyond reproach, they are not specialized in adult writing, as this was not written by an adult writer.

The content they made for adult websites is little more than standard marketing fare. There is nothing in the text that sparks the imagination. If we take a look at the key aspects of adult writing we outlined earlier, we see that there is no story and no style.

Again, if you want more tame content, we cannot recommend TextMaster highly enough. If you want something special, let’s move on.

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10. TextBroker

TextBroker Logo

TextBroker is a well-known general content writing service. They take a wide variety of orders, including adult content. We decided to feature them here because their other texts looked quite promising.

Pricing: $24.35 for 1000 words
This is roughly the standard for a mid- to entry-level content writing service. However, the price can vary according to certain parameters. For example, you could insist that only writers with 5-star ratings can write your content. Naturally, that costs more. For our benchmark, we used the pricing for a 4-star writer, which amounted to $24.35.

Service quality: Medium-high
TextBroker has implemented an innovative system of incentives for its writers that help them produce extremely high-quality content. That is evident in their texts on non-adult matters.

However, we must admit that they fared pretty well in adult content writing as well. In fact, they did much better than the specialized adult writing services we featured earlier. Their samples have a certain pop, and they got close to what we consider good adult writing.

It is important to note that TextBroker also offers an extra service. Namely, if you like a certain writer, you can ask for them specifically. They have people who are specialized in certain areas, including adult writing. That’s a great start if you want to use their services for your adult writing.

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9. Adult SEO Ltd.

adultseo logo

As we will see later on, adult SEO companies are not that creative when it comes to picking their name. Adult SEO Ltd. is just one such company, but it actually does what it says it can do pretty well. That is why it has landed on the no. 9 spot on our list.

Pricing: $25 for 1000 words
Adult SEO Ltd’s pricing is in line with some of the previous entries on this list. This falls into the lower price range, as some companies can get pretty pricey. We will get to those later.

Service quality: High
This is the first adult writing service on this list that does things right. From what we could gather from their samples, they can vary their style significantly. That means they can write classy and suggestive content or downright sleazy and in-your-face texts. That all depends on your preferences.

They take customer satisfaction seriously. When we contacted them for a quote, not only did they respond promptly, but they also included some helpful links as well. They provided us with some of the websites they wrote content for, which was very useful when writing this.

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8. CorpWriting

CorpWriting is a new company on the market, but they have taken strides to prove themselves. They offer every imaginable SEO service, including adult writing. That is why we decided to see what they could do, even though they are a general-purpose writing service.

Pricing: $48 for 1000 words
As we can see, CorpWriting is a bit pricier than entry-level services. That is because all of the writers are native speakers, which pushes prices up. However, it also implies a certain level of quality and competence.

Service quality: High
The grammar and spelling on all of the samples we read through were impeccable. That is something we expect when the writers are native speakers. However, the more important thing here is how good the adult writing aspect was.

We were surprised to see that CorpWriting adheres to most of our standards when adult writing is concerned. The text is simple, snappy, and it pops. The only issue we have with it is that it can sometimes sound a bit too vulgar.

As we have said, great adult writing is about dancing around the subject in an enticing way. This kind of nuance is not present in the samples we read through. However, you can still get good quality writing from them. That is why we gave CorpWriting a High-quality rating.

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7. Adult SEO .Co

adultseo logo

This is another adult writing company with an imaginative name. Their website is pretty well-designed, and they feature testimonials, as well as pictures and biographies of their team members. We assume that the fact that they look like stock photos, and their names are generic, is just a coincidence.

Pricing: $57 for 1000 words
Since this is a professional adult SEO company, it stands to reason that their pricing will be a bit steeper. They include the full service in the price, with unlimited revisions, and appropriate keywords. On top of that, the writing team consists of all native speakers, so that factors into the price as well.

Service quality: Very High
Adult SEO .Co offers a fantastic specialized service. It almost goes without saying that the grammar and spelling are perfect, but we’ll say it anyway. More importantly, their adult writing is great as well.

That is because they have had a lot of experience in the field, and they are adaptable. That means they can write in any style that suits your needs. They understand what it means when you say you want a subdued adult text or an in-your-face style.

The only issue we have with them is that they take a long time to get back to you, which lands them in 7th place.

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6. Adult SEO Experts

adultseoexperts logo

This is the last of the imaginatively named companies, and also the best one. Adult SEO Experts lives up to its name, as we will see. They offer all kinds of SEO services for adult websites. They further pledge only to use white hat techniques, which is good to hear.

Pricing: $60 for 1000 words
This pricing is in line with some of the previous entries on our list. And again, the reason is the same. Adult SEO Experts employs native English speakers for their content writing. That carries with it implications about the quality of the work, as well as the costs.

Service quality: Very High
Adult SEO Experts is actually pretty aptly named. We got to see that firsthand when they sent us links to some of the websites they wrote content for. In fact, they boast a wide variety of different clients. From escort services, adult video websites of all varieties, to online stores of adult products, their portfolio is quite impressive.

The texts themselves are more or less in line with our criteria for this piece. The style is well-adjusted to the client’s needs. You can’t have the same style for an escort service and an adult products store, and Adult SEO Experts knows that.

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5. BKA Content

BKAContent Logo

BKA Content is a well-known player in the content writing world. They have written content for some of the most renowned companies in the world. Naturally, they also offer an adult writing service, but only if you ask for it. They don’t feature it on their website, for obvious reasons.

Pricing: $126 for 1000 words
BKA Content is the second most expensive service on our list. They can get away with this pricing because they are an industry leader. Their reputation guarantees excellence.

Service quality: Excellent
BKA Content is everything you want in a writing service. They are professional, fast, and responsible. All of that applies to their adult content writers as well. From the samples we got, we can see that they are quite adept at adult writing. That’s impressive, considering that adult writing is not their specialty.  

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4. CrowdContent

CrowdContent Logo

CrowdContent is another very well-known player in the content writing business. They have also written for a whole host of famous clients. These include RingPartner, Shopify, Hootsuite, and others.

Pricing: $80 for 1000 words
This is also on the pricier end of the spectrum. That’s because these are professional writers who are native English speakers. Therefore, there won’t be any problems with grammar or spelling, or general use of language.

Service quality: Excellent
The writing produced by CrowdContent is beyond reproach.The company as a whole is not specialized in adult writing. However, certain people there are specialized adult content writers, although they do other things as well.

The samples we read were punchy and appropriate to the topic. The customer service was responsive and helpful. A really great service.

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3. Alvomedia

alvomedia logo

Alvomedia is one of the industry leaders in content writing and all sorts of SEO services. They are based in London, and they provide services to some of the world’s leading companies.

Pricing: $140 for 1000 words
Seeing as though they are in demand, and also based in London, they can charge this sort of price no problem. They are the most expensive entry on our list, but the pricing can be justified.

Service quality: Excellent
The team behind AlvoMedia are consummate professionals. They can handle any sort of order without difficulty, and that includes adult content writing. Their writing falls into the category of subtle erotic writing. It dances around the subject just the way we think is best for this sort of writing.

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2. NatashaNixon

Natashanixon logo

NatashaNixon is a powerhouse when it comes to content writing. Their writers are published writers and journalists, so the quality is excellent. They don’t advertise it, but they also do adult writing as well.

Pricing: $30 for 1000 words
For the quality they offer, $30 is a bargain. In fact, it is in line with some of the services from the beginning of our list. However, the price is not the only thing NatashaNixon has going for it.

Service quality: Excellent
Even though they are a general purpose writing service, they do extremely well writing adult content. Their adult content writers know their way around the subject matter better than people who work in adult-only agencies.

In fact, the writers can adapt to the particular needs of any client really well. They have shown an understanding of the nuance it takes to write adult content, so we can’t recommend them highly enough.

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1. GoSuperb

GoSuperb logo

GoSuperb is the definition of an underdog. They are a small, up-and-coming writing agency that took the top spot on our list. There is good reason for that, as we will see.

Pricing: $29.50 for 1000 words
The pricing matches that of other writing services in a similar category. That means it really is a bargain for the content that you end up getting from them. They have three pricing tiers, but we thought the top one would be the most appropriate for this piece.

Service quality: Superb
We couldn’t resist making this pun since the overall impression this company left on us was really Superb. Even though they don’t specialize in adult writing, they have writers with a lot of experience in the field.

That really shows in the quality of the writing. The adult content writers at GoSuperb embody the principles we laid out at the beginning perfectly. The writing is subtle and sexy, and it really draws the reader in by telling a story. There was no competition, not even close.

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In Conclusion…

We have gone through 15 content writing services that write adult content. Some of these were dodgy, some confused, and some professional and well-organized.

The most important lesson to take away from this piece is that price is not everything. As we have seen, the most expensive services were not the best. In fact, the writing services not specialized in adult content fared much better than their adult counterparts.

We hope that this review can help you pick out the best adult content writing service for your needs!